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JotLingo: Key Features & Advantages

Content that is created (notes, docs), searched for and read online (web-pages) forms the core of digital interests for any individual or business professional. Notes created on disparate sources, perhaps, on a tablet or a smart phone and left thereon prevent their rediscovery when needed. Further, web-based content is of a transient nature and the same web-pages that were searched, accessed and utilized earlier may no longer be available. All this content becomes infinitely more valuable when you can access it anywhere, anytime.


‘AD HOC KNOWLEDGE’ REPOSITORY/CAPABILITY TRANSFER: Enterprises want the ability to both secure the data that has been created by their workforce using the flavor of the season ‘clipping and note-taking app’. These ‘Ad hoc notes & web-research’ contribute to the company’s knowledge base and also helps in capability transfer.

Financial Sector

Financial analysts sift through numerous sources and a plethora of data to study an entire industry, assessing current trends in business practices, evaluating news reports of competing products and services being brought to market, analyzing mergers & acquisitions, reviewing new regulations and policies being announced and also monitoring global economies to determine potential effect on earnings. JotLingo helps financial analysts in these endeavors by assisting in storing all their notes and research work for subsequent, quick rediscovery and effective reporting.

Legal Sector

JotLingo may be used by corporate counsel, attorneys and law office professionals in their legal case research and evidence management needs for archiving a 'true copy' of transient web-based material pertinent to a case - along with a copy of all notes taken by the team during meeting with clients or opposing counsel, during litigation etc. The status quo leaves all vital notes on the notepads of team-members and web-based content that might be taken off the next day.

Market Research/PR

The need to archive copies of web-based materials has predominantly been felt in the market research and public relations management space, where web-based information available on one day is moved or no longer available on the next, exactly when it might be needed for a presentation or for further analysis. Even if a personal copy of that information is locally stored by the researcher, there are several instances where third party authentication of the veracity of the stored data is often required. JotLingo addresses this need.

Higher Education & Research

JotLingo is an emerging standard that addresses a critical need of the global research, academic and publishing communities. Citations/references are an important feature of theses, dissertations, research papers/articles, books, etc. The Internet has become a common source of research - not just for a routine search but for finding 'research output' of fellow researchers and there are an ever increasing number of researchers citing web-based reference material. In fact, professional bodies (MLA, APA, CBE, etc) have defined formats for citing Internet sources.

Blogs and Online Publishing

JotLingo is very relevant to blogs, articles and reports published digitally or offline, which cite external web based material in their articles. The cited materials within these articles are often central to the article and the disappearance of such cited material may detrimentally affect the content and very relevance of these articles.

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